How much do singing waiters cost?

The price for a singing waiters act varies hugely.  While it’s true there are some over-inflated prices out there soaring above the £4000 mark, you also want to be very careful not to be seduced by cheap and tacky!  That is the last thing you want to present your guests at your special event.  You want your performers to be talented, well trained and highly entertaining, but how do you put a price on outstanding performers? …more

Who are the original singing waiters?

Anyone performing today that call themselves ‘The Original Singing Waiters’ is fibbing.   The contagiously popular ‘singing waiters’ format as we know it today was coined no later than the 1980’s in the USA.  In fact, our research finds an American act that calls themselves simply “The Singing Waiters” based on this format advertised as an ensemble of professional singers from Los Angeles that became an instant success in Switzerland in 1988 and afterwards the format took off throughout Europe. Ironically though this ensemble call themselves the ‘longest running’ it does not suggest in their marketing that they are the first and original, though there is no documentation that we have found available to substantiate if there is a definitive event from which this performance style was born…. more