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What makes a fantastic singing waiters act good?

It takes a very uniquely talented kind of performer to be a truly outstanding singing waiter… They need first of all to be superb singers who can not only produce soaring operatics, but also create a light hearted atmosphere and do it all in a playful silky seductive modern style.  They need to have a great sense of humour and must not take themselves too seriously.  Fun is essential.  So is tact though!  The skill to be able to read people and know exactly how playful to get, but never overstepping.  One must never get in the way of the ‘real’ staff, but it’s outstanding when the subterfuge plays just right so that the performance is a total and outstanding surprise… that’s not asking too much, is it?

It’s not too much for our rare and talented team!  Click to find out more about each…

Sara, soprano This singing waitress can lead the team or perform a stunning solo act for parties of all sizes from 10 to 1000! An utter jaw dropping surprise from this little lady…

Russ, tenor A tenor extraordinaire, he’ll have you believing he’s been waiting tables at your venue for years… before he completely knocks your socks off!

Thomas, baritone Is that the restaurant manager?  NO, he’s a professional opera singer with a deep voice that will simply transport you…

Alberto, tenor Ah, what a charming wine server …uh, or perhaps one of the best young tenors in the UK. You never saw this coming!

Catherine, soprano This supremely versatile soprano not only does a splendid job of refilling your wine glass, she’ll sing Puccini and Gershwin with the best of them… just watch out she doesn’t drink your wine!

Lisa, mezzo-soprano Surely, what evening would be complete without the luscious rich tones of a surprise singing waitress such as this gorgeous mezzo-soprano?

Simon, bass Truly larger than life, our Simon is the foundation of a stunning act!