How much should I pay for singing waiters?Enquire

While it’s worth appreciating that there is a great deal of work that goes into bringing this high energy, talent packed performance to you from the travel to the technical set up, not to mention years of operatic training and honing the craft of performing, learning how to make it fun, preparing for your unique event and requests, and time to get to your venue, no working professional performer these days without a famous name makes more than £300-£450 (plus travel expenses) for a single performance for a wedding or corporate dinner event performance.  There are of course many additional costs that factor into the price such as travel expenses, cost for PA system, mics, sound engineer and additional tech for larger events, however you may want to be careful about paying for the brand name rather the talent.

The price for a singing waiters act varies hugely.  While it’s true there are some over-inflated prices out there soaring above the £4000 mark, you also want to be very careful not to be seduced by cheap and tacky!  That is the last thing you want to present your guests at your special event.  You want your performers to be talented, well trained and highly entertaining.  Click here to find just that!